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Gloria assured him that she was fine and said she almost dropped the soda bottle. She recovered and poured him some more soda. She sat back down and c...ntinued to talk to him about what he did. She wanted to make sure he knew she still loved him and only wanted the best for him. Their conversation sobered Tommy up enough to shrink his erection. He was still half hard but it wasn’t as noticeable. She told him that she wanted to spend more time with him.“Tonight, after you wash the dishes and. I understand your total commitment is to Jennifer and whatever she needs. When you get out of a bad marriage, you need time to figure out who you are, without having to be something for someone else."There's no pressure here. Be whoever you want to be. Find out who you are, by yourself. Don't feel like you owe me your time, your body, or your affection."Sure I love being with you, but not if you feel you owe it to me. I don't want to be part of that type of relationship. What I'm saying is,. ?Ya? and was a struggle Kim rose from the couch and reached behind herself, unzipping the black skirt. She raised her hands and let the skirt fall to the ground. Before me stood one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen. Long black hair fell across her shoulder, small breasts were supported by a black bra, lace contrasting her pale skin, and her panties matched the bra, wrapped tightly to her ass with lace on the edges. ?What do you think?? she asked, trying to pose. ?You. " She whispered to him"It does? I thought it would be a danger more than anything else, what have they devised in place of it?" Jack whispered back his words making Susan frown as she thought about them."Okay Susan now what do we do, I don't want to go through that machine until we're sure we're going after that Jack and the Susan from this world ... oh it's so confusing, we need to have other names so that we know who we're talking about, you know Salt and Pepper, Mustard and Cress -" Shiver.

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