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Rain falls heavily on the ground and the light from the dim streetlights illuminate the silhouette of a woman fumbling with her keys while she tries t... keep dry. Her umbrella bobs up and down as she finds the right key and locks up her business for the day. The woman sighs in exhaustion as she heads down the dimly lit street and back home.Joyce was tired after a long day of waiting tables at the diner, but she knew better than to lower her guard when walking the streets of Circovia at night.. She almost began to allow a glimmer of hope back into her mind...maybe this was over, maybe she had served her purpose and would soon be free... maybe just maybe...The room grew quiet, she remained tied spread eagle, the gag remained in place, her pussy was sore, her body exhausted from the long struggle. Her wrists and ankles were sore from the struggle against the restraints. But the room was quiet, Darlene began to relax. She felt a cool breeze across her sweaty body, her pussy I went and knocked her door After some time she came and opened the door and she saw me with un-expected look and gave reply like how come r here at this time, don’t you have office. I gave reply “yaa, I took leave “, I saw sudden glow in her face, she said wait here da, I will get your courier then she went inside, while going back I saw her back.OMGGGG what a butt, it gave boner like it never happened so much strong, by somehow I covered the indicator inorder to avoid the embracing moment. She collapses on the bed and turns over. I walk over towards the head of the bed and approach her face with my hard cock. While giggling, she takes a few photos of my hard cock standing straight at attention. She hands the camera back to me and opens her mouth wide, ready for me. I lean forward and feel her amazing mouth envelope me. I take several photos of her tacitly accepting my penis into her mouth while getting her perky tits and dripping wet pussy in the frame. The whole experience has.

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