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“She still uses the same after all these years. She raved over it when I gave her some on her first birthday after we became engaged.”“Stan, is ...t going to bother you if I wear it?”“No, it won’t, not if you like it yourself. I’ve noticed you don’t wear any and it is important to do everything you can to ease Jimmy’s pain. This may be the tipping point to attract him to you and lessen that pain slightly.”“I was asking if it would cause you pain for yourself and your association with a different. If we leave, we will have about three hours of good daylight left. If there isn’t too much traffic, we could put the Beartooth range between us and trouble. We were going to head north when we left so we’re just leaving a little earlier.” I thought it would be about one and a half days earlier which is a fair bit. However, I didn’t argue. I thought getting further away was the prudent thing to do.We loaded up for a trip as quickly as possible. Our initial target would be to follow the main road. “I guess we’d better.”“On second thought,” she said mischievously as she raised an eyebrow. “If I just keep you like this maybe you won’t leave.”I chuckled. “I gotta bring home that paycheck. But you know I always come back.”Her smile widened. Then the smile turned into a pucker and the slurping resumed. Her head bobbed faster and faster as she sucked and licked my cock like it was a race. One of her hands milked the bottom of my shaft, the other tickled my balls with her long. We didn’t get to talk about anything else. The youngsters were raring to go.We were almost to the stables when I saw a familiar vehicle heading down the road. I waved but I doubted Ben or Kim could see me. I was proven wrong when the car reversed its course and pulled along the shoulder.Kim rolled down her window and smiled at me.“Wanna couple of spare kids?” she asked.“More the merrier,” I answered – thinking she was joking with me. I had spent only a little bit of time around her boys and she.

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