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Oh, god, you're going to think I'm a terrible person..." She suddenly looked as if she might cry.Kristen wrapped her arms around Courtney and hugged h...r tight. "I'm your best friend," she said gently. "There's nothing you can say that would make me think you're a bad person." She looked into Courtney's eyes. "You're not into drugs, are you? Are you smoking crack? Shooting heroin? Crystal meth?"Courtney laughed. "No, it's nothing like that. I'm fine, I promise." She studied Kristen's face. This. I pulled my baton and flicked it open, and then switched it to my left hand, and then drew my pistol. I knelt and did a low peek around the corner, but still couldn’t see anything, so I motioned for Jerry to stay where he was and scooted around the corner and across the little driveway to the next home. Once there, I peeked again, and motioned Jerry to come up to me. Then I repeated the process to the next home. I used the baton to push aside any toys or shrubs that might block my view. After. Disgusted the Dutchman said he was “sorry that Brady felt that way, and he could get just a screw anywhere,” picked up the tape recorder, placed it into the case and swept out.He was followed by Brady who escorted him to his own boat, now hastily re-manned by his boat-man, and said his goodbye’s then re boarded the little craft which was soon falling from sight as they turned for the open sea. Brady returned to the surgery, released the now cold girl and returned to the deck the sun now high,. Kimberly spiked in a groan through the hot, humid air before fixing her mouth back into the pillow. Her groans thereafter sounded twice as intense. Her fathers silent moans as well seemed to have been sparked with new enthusiasm. From which party was the new energy coming from, Emily didnt know, but she soon dropped cautiously back to her knees as she sensed they were about to shift positions. Sure enough, the child pulled her feet back under the bed and ducked down as she watched her father.

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