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I'm gonna teach you how to deepthroat like a pro. And before I'm done with you, you'll be begging me to bend you over this bench and plow your tight c...erry ass."Standing on the wooden bench, his cock was staring me straight in the face. He flicked his dick down and it rebounded hard against his tight abs, the big mushroom head on the dark stalk reaching above his belly button, leaving a wet spot where his precum landed. The guy was hung like a fucking horse and I wanted to taste that hot jizz. “Be patient and wait, we need more than enough "milk" for two group to study. So stop whatever you’re doing.” Heidi move up close to the camera as she said the last few words and then they both smile and giggle together. I suddenly let go of my erected cock. I feel as if they saw me masturbating.“Just teasing you Ray! Just like Dayna said it is good for you, right. Better tomorrow than today since will be there!” Heidi said straight to me.I just hear them both whispering, giggling and. “Whatever it is, do it quickly because I really need it.” His smile widened and he winked at me. Then he stood over me and took my hand to help me to my feet and, as he led me to the dance floor again, I got the feeling that this dance was going to be very different from the one we had shared earlier that evening. As my brother led me into the crowd of dancers, I felt like a new woman, a long way away from that girl I’d been just a short time ago. Once again we were swallowed up by the sea of. I pulled the plug and felt such relief when I sat on the toilet. I thenquickly washed the plug and examined it. It was bullet shaped with aflared end, purple swirled with white, and much smaller than it felt. Ilubed it with a little vaseline and shoved it back in. My cock twitchedin its cage. Was I becoming gay? Oh well, I couldn't think about that,now. Eventually, Lesley would end this charade and things would getback to normal (minus the cheating of course). Anyway, I had to get.

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