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Honestly, at my age, I don't care! I won't be sexy forever and I want to enjoy it as much as I can, whilst I can. I've had a little work done but serious and anyway, I love how I look. Admittedly, it's gotten a little wild over the past 5 years or so, to the point where my husband Stuart has turned around and told me categorically that "you're going nowhere dressed like that," shortly followed by me storming off like a bratty teenager, stamping my feet and slamming my bedroom door.I'd. I had beenteased by the boys at school for my chubby little boy boobs, and I hadheard on more than one occasion that I needed a bra. Now I was finallywearing one, and I had to agree - I did need a bra. I needed as many as Icould get! I was now, forever, "hooked" (and I do so love that bra pun!).I cupped my chest flesh in my hands over the bra, and I admired myself inmy mother's full length mirror. For the first time, I was happy with mybody. I loved the new feelings I was getting from my. They stopped at a Thrift Store, she bought him clothes and shoes and a cheap Barber's kit. In her room with double beds, she had food delivered, they ate and continued chatting. In a short while, she had cut his hair and beard then sent him back to shower and shave again. He came out in his underwear, she grinned "now there's my Damn Rusty"! He broadly smiled for the first time! Willow stood up saying "My turn! Finally I can become ME again", she took her Suit Bag with her as she showered.Rusty. Not wanting our senses and/or judgment altered by alcohol, I ask for a coke and tell Tom that I will allow you only two margaritas. When Tom returns with our drinks, he looks you over closely, his eyes drawn to your hard nipples clearly evident through your thin shirt. I tell you to turn around so Tom can get a look at your ass. “Yes, Master,” you answer as you slowly turn. Tom grins at me and lightly runs his hand over your tight little ass and remarks, “Damn, Alan – you have a hot little girl.

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