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She begins to hump her pussy against his leg, rubbing her wet pussy against his skin. Finn laughs softly and begins to move his right leg, pressing up...ard, harder, against her pussy rubbing against his leg. After a few minutes of this, Finn’s leg and ankle are soaked with Isis’s pussy juices…Isis moans softly, her lips pressed against Finn’s stomach, her pussy is aching, aching to be filled with the huge prick she is still holding gently in her left hand. Isis gets up and quickly straddles. So I reached under John's shirt, and, yes, he did have a six-pack. Because our conversation was so casual and John was so handsome, I got horny really fast. Alex sensed my desires and whispered into my ear if I wanted to try MFM right then. We were away from home, a little tipsy, so I said "Why not?!"Few minutes later, we paid our tab and left the bar. In order to make me and John comfortable and get used to each other, Alex offered me to catch a ride with our new friend. Getting in John's car. The InterviewI contacted the producer then had a meeting a few days later. It was a simple script with straight-ahead production; the way it was written I was playing-off of the producer/main actor and just reacting to what he said and did. That made it pretty easy. A short summary is that we are partners or lovers and I was arrested for shoplifting, the police released me into his custody. Of course I protested the charge and continued to do so as he took me ‘home’ to ‘our’ small farm. By then. ”“Yeah, some bright spark wants a look at what they’ve got,” I sighed.“Fleet Engineering,” the AI informed us.“Figures. No doubt they’ll be hoping the aliens have found a safe way to use it,” Flinn mused out loud.“Don’t know why, we have mass conversion for energy,” I pointed out.“True, however we need a fusion plant to give the energy needed to do it in the first place. Sounds like Fleet Engineering are looking to cut out the middle-man.”“Cheap power,” I snorted.“Yep, the pipe dream of a lot.

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