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They hadn’t been off by much. The crew’s energy doubled as the Teeth came in sight. Catherine Pulled both his arms around her in the bow of the sh...p as they watched the Teeth grow closer. At ten he ordered the convoy to slow as they neared the mouth of the Teeth.At 10:22 the convoy reached the mouth and stopped. They turned into the wind and held their position. The Bulldog signaled asking if they needed anything. Then when told no, they wished them luck and turned to start their patrol. Perry. " Mandy pulled up in the parking lot and locked her car. The front door was well-lit and painted bright red. As she entered, a tall black man, also a bouncer, said "Dat be five dollars, Baby, hope you enjoy yourself." Mandy handed him the money and made her way to the crowded bar where there were a couple of stools left. The evening progressed on and on until after midnight. A couple black dudes asked her to dance, one even slow-danced with her. He held her close, so as to let her feel. She then took a finger and collected the cum that spilled from her mouth and sucked it off her finger."I told you not to spill any cum."She became very submissive but didn't try to once stop me as I pulled her over my knee. I slowly started to raise my hand and bring it down with a loud slap on her ass checks. Each time I raised it and brought it down again, her moans turned from that of pain to lust. She was getting more and more turned on each time I slapped her ass. After about the 10th slap. At the first contact of the dog's tongue she yelped and tried to move away from the tongue assaulting her gaping , leaking cunt. Then the shock turned to extreme pleasure and she started moaning and wiggling her pussy on the dog tongue. Yeessss …. Rusty lick this bitch's cunt. Make this bitch cum hard. The harder he licked the more she leaked fresh pussy juice enticing him to lick faster to get all the sweet nectar offered him. Suddenly his tongue drove deep in her cunt pushing her over the top.

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