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. one way or the other.What I didn't realize or catch immediately as I stood, was the way too obvious bulge that tented out my robe as I stood up, down in horror, seeing the obvious, then looking up to catch Kathy's eyes staring at it, though she tried hiding the smile that suddenly split her face as she did so, as she took another sip of her coffee."Ah ... I need to pee," I stammered feeling stupid as I said it, and then dashed off towards the bathroom once again."Take your time," she. "Oh yes, Major. We is all well fed in our outfit," one older man told me when I inquired if he had gotten enough to eat. G & G were still the Quartermasters for our units, and they insisted on good food supplies from their suppliers. I understood from various sources that a number of large green frogs had been seen at various establishments where they dealt, warnings to those who would cheat them."How is it going?" I asked one of the sentries after being challenged and identifying myself."It's. When my mother turned around I was standing close by.With a smile Mother undid her robe sash letting the robe fall to the living room floor. She walked over to me completely naked, kneeling at my feet while she started to undo my pants. My pants slid to my ankles showing her my hard cock outlined in my briefs. "You look horny son. Want some of Mommies mouth too?" She quickly pulled my briefs down and sucked my prick deep into her mouth bobbing her head up and down my stiff shaft. I rested my. After that, when she had been at a slumber party where girls were kissing each other to practice for eventually kissing an actual boy, she’d kept her mouth shut about her session with Drew, but had gone along like everyone else, and had been considered a “natural” at kissing. When she told her brother the next day, they had roared with laughter, and made in-jokes about it for months afterward.They spent a lot of time together now, whether on double dates or just the two of them, and she was.

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