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" she stood statue like, smiling at me, then shuddered and giggled."That's better, a girl's gotta go when a girl's gotta go."I threw my head back and ...aughed."Have you just had a pee?" Yup," she looked up at me like a cheeky kid. "Why?" Oh mum for Christ's sake, I've got to walk back up the beach."Grabbing her hand, I waded back towards the beach."Come on quick, I'm getting another hard on."People looked up at us and smiled as we ran across the beach, water dripping off us, mum's gorgeous boobs. The only difference is here we do it on our own freewill and we get a new life in the process, and when we do suck on cock hereit's not really considered gay because back here we're all women in someform of development or another," explained Jack mater of factly."Yeah, besides there's only one way out of here, and that's as a fullydeveloped woman ready and willing to dance, fuck, and suck the men thatcome in here. Trust me I've tried. The night before you came here I stoodby the door waiting. I crept closer to the door - I thought, this is great - I couldn't wait to finally see old Rick pound away at his friend and discuss the details once she left! When I got closer - the voices got louder and easier to understand, but somewhat confusing! One voice was that of a girl - she spoke softly, whimpered somewhat - probably taking Rick's cock deep in her pussy! The other voice . . . a guy, but this voice was definitely NOT Rick's!I peaked through the door crack - the girl was brunette,. Ok naku stitching chase petali ani andhe tanu ha definitely ani ananu nenu.oka am stich cheyali Roshni garu ani ananu tanu knchm feel iye I am not elder to u call me Roshni ani chape naku marriage set iyendhe so blouses stitching cheyali naku ani andhe. Nenu shock iye apudae marriage ah ani ananu because u r like college student entha early ga na ani ananu tanu knchm smile eche ya manche settled husband osthae twaraga ney marriage chasukovali ani andhe casually. Yes u r right ani ok mari annu.

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