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I heard the refrigerator door slam shut, and jumped to the conclusion that my parents were being nosy, and intrusive, as usual. Only, after hearing th... noise, I realized it was much too quiet to be the refrigerator. I reached for my zipper, and began to zip up my pants, with the reassurance that if it was my sister, the door would be locked. I was wrong. I had forgotten to lock the door, and she was now looking in, with her mouth open, at me watching some porn star pound a very young teen. With. While Dave freshened up his glass, Alan sat cautiously on one of the armchairs, but Arabella was having none of that.“Hey, don’t be such a bore,” she giggled, patting the sofa next to her. “Come over here and keep me company. You too, Dave, and bring that bottle with you.”Dave grinned at Alan and winked, then both men did as they’d been asked and sat down on the sofa, one on either side of their hostess. Arabella made a satisfied purring noise, and casually rested her left hand on Dave’s. Today I was in Washington and had spent the day in a closed Congressional inquiry. The meeting room had packed with lawyers, assorted bureaucrats, politicians and diplomats. The dead solders back on the island had been part of some backwater Indonesian government's police force and their killing had created a minor international incident.Talbot Enterprises under authority of its newly appointed board of directors had made an initial offer to settle all costs, but our lawyers had smelled blood. Will you get up so I can clean this bed." It may have been my imagination, but the expression on her face told me, she was trying to remember what had happened last night."But I did love it, last night," I said, as I got out of the smelly bed, "and I think you loved it too, didn't you?" Well, I guess I must have loved it, or I certainly wouldn't have made this terrible mess. Get up, sleepyhead, and let's get this bed cleaned up."Well, off went the sheets and blankets to the washing-machine, and.

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