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It moved around spreading my vaginas natural lubricant everywhere on my neither regions. "Fucking cock hungry cunt" he growled.The ropes were untied a...d I was then thrown roughly onto the mat again."Crawl for me whore" the first man barked. "Feel around for a bench and climb on it. Lay onto your back and place your hands above your head. Make sure your palms cradle each other." He continued.I quickly did as I was told. Crawling with a spreader bar attached is not easy. My legs hung over the. Your anxious thoughts are frantically trying to figure out if this is him, or if it is a complete stranger taking advantage of a situation no real man could deny. A zipper is heard being slowly pulled down. Not a word had been said, and you start to speak, but think against it, again, as many times in the past, he has told you not to speak until you were spoken to. You anticipate his entry into your pussy, but his hand still plays with your cunt lips and clit, straying up to lube your ass hole. I didn’t hesitate or resist, “I want this,” I thought as my hands grabbed the cool porcelain sink edge. I looked into the oval mirror and saw Levi behind me, the glimmer in his eyes that had caught me off guard at the start of the evening.“This is your first,” he said, “I will be gentle. Just tell me if you want me to stop.”I felt his buttery soft hand run down the cleft of my ass. His fingers slipped between my cheeks as he pulled back up. I shuddered with the first touch of his middle finger. In fact, as she got older, the pleasure grew.That is not to say it ruled her. She was a smart girl, and had been gifted with a bit more wisdom than many adults. Additionally, the Internet proved an excellent source for both factual and fantasy material and she found it easy to understand the differences between reality and fantasy.What she did not have, although she wished for it often enough, was understanding parents. Her mother constantly harped on the evils of sex and never once gave her.

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