"I've enjoyed coming here. Some interesting sights and very nice women in your house", he added."Well you never know", I quickly said. "Keep your eyes...peeled and you may see us out and about".We continued a brief chat as he loaded the van and I flirted with him as best I could.the upshot was that he told me he was in the area again over the next couple of days, a few streets away."What time?", I asked.He told me when he next planned to be around telling me that he would be working alone on. ” “I know. I was going to wake you but it was a late night and I thought you could do with a day off. I thought maybe we could talk.” She looked up, making eye contact. Despite a faint smile on her lips, there was a sadness in her eyes.“Sure, I only had two classes today anyway. If it’s about last night, I already said not to worry about it.” I lied, as I was actually still pretty pissed off.“Well, it was that and other stuff.” She said mysteriously.I sat down opposite her and poured cereal. And I think Bob should be the one togive it to you." And with that, she pushed Candy towards Bob untilBob's face was at Candy's crotch. Candy now understood what Andrea hadin mind. Bob, of course, did not yet understand quite all of thedetails."Go ahead, lick her, you pervert," Andrea sneered at Bob.Bob still did not understand why she was calling him a pervert. anddespite the embarrassing circumstances, he did not find the aspect ofgoing down on Candy objectionable. In fact, Bob was still. "I normally don't come out on the job, but I knew I could trust you withsome sensitive information, Sammy. I'm a female-to-male transgender man,which means I was born female but I transitioned to male several yearsago. I live my life totally as a man of course, including in myprofessional and my social lives."Sammy was shocked. He had never met a transgender before, and hedefinitely didn't expect them to look like this. He wasn't totally surehe had ever known that there were the man kind of.

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