”You hungry?” I called to Bobby.”Yes, ma'am,” he replied as he came to help me carry the food to the table.”In here,” I directed when he t...ied to go into the dining room, ” Let's eat on the sofa. I want to watch the Lakers.””Cool,” he agreed. I jogged back to the kitchen for a bottle of wine and with a grin, I grabbed Bobby another beer. Tossing him the beverage I plopped beside him on the couch. ”What's the score?””Twenty-one, eighteen. We’re up,” he said.”Booyah,” I cheered, ”Hope we can hold. ”“I wish I had asked earlier, we could have invited her to come out with us.”Rachel asked her, “If I call Mavis and Lola, do you think she would come out with them?”“Are you talking about Ms. Mavis, the Mayor?”“Yes, do you know her?”“Mom knows her, I’ve heard Mom talking to her on the phone.”“I’ll call Lola’s cellphone.”“Hi Rachel, what’s up? Are we still going to the tennis courts today?““Yes, and I need to know if Mavis will drive by the condo and pick up Julia McGrath? Her car is in the. ”“You got that right about the smarts.”“We need a high velocity, armour-piercing explosive pellet to do any real damage to this monster,” I finally concluded.“Recoil might be an absolute bitch if it’s hand-held, even with armour,” Flinn replied with a frown.“True, but I was thinking of a floor-mounted, two-man operated version.”“That might work if we mount it on a frame with shock absorbers for the recoil.”“Send it to FleetEng with the other ideas and see if they can come up with something. As they browsed around the shops they chatted and got on really well and Tracey almost felt she was out with her older sister and when they passed an Ann Summers sex shop they both wanted to go inside. They looked at sexy undies together and Fiona said, 'Roger loves me wearing that sort of thing.' Tracey replied, 'You're lucky Danny is past that sort of thing.''Well buy them for yourself then, feel good wearing them,' Fiona replied.'You're right, I will,' Tracey said.They then saw some sex toys.

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