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Cuuuuttte,’ she said with a smirk. ‘He’s a catch.’ ‘Thanks, we are going to the Homecoming dance on Friday.’ She just smiled and changed t...e subject, ‘Those laps really killed my legs. My thighs and calves are killing me.’ She bent over and rubbed her calves. I noticed her breasts hanging down and sway with her movement. Just then she looked up and caught me staring. ‘You okay?’ she said. ‘Yeah why?’ ‘Well you are all flush, and if you don’t mind me saying, your nipples are never hard like. “Nightmarish, I keep having bad dreams...” Alene gazed at the floor below her, her eyes bloodshot, she was skinnier than ever before, a shell of her former self.“Still can’t sleep?” Sabrina asked, her voice full of concern, “this is our fifth meeting Alene, you want to tell me you didn’t sleep for over a month?”“Not really, I sometimes get a short nap but it’s never longer than a few hours and I wake up screaming and crying.” Alene took a sip of the tea, a futile attempt to gain a small measure. Stand aside.Okita: No, there's no need to worry. I, after all, am the captain of the Shinsengumi first unit.Saitou: But you have tuberculosis, don't you? I'm not blind. The captain of the Shinsengumi third unit, Saitou Hajime, will kill Hitokiri Battousai.(He drops into his characteristic stance; right leg forward, sword held in the left hand parallel to the body, right hand held in front along the blade. Battousai brings up his own sword.)Saitou: Let's go.Kaoru: Kenshin!!(He blinks. He is. She was maybe 3 feet away from me and she gave me a profile view of her right side of her body, her waist looked almost disproportionate compared to her big butt and breasts. I couldnt stop staring when I looked up and saw she was staring at me smiling that beautiful smile of hers. Are you done? She asked. Umm.. oh..yeah I said embarrassed because she caught me looking at her. She sat down on her chair laying down and grabbing her cup of wine. Im sorry Byron, I didnt realize what I was wearing.

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