Tak hum dono ek dusre to kiss karte rahe, who muje jayda kar rahi thi, phir who boli chal ab palang par chalet hai, woh muje palang par le gai aur sid... let gayi, aur boli ki ab tu meri choot chatt, maine kaha didi mai nahi chatunga, toh who boli mai tera land bhi toh chatungi maine kaha pehly aap karo, toh wh foran shuru ho gayi, kareeb 15 min kay baad who boli ab tu chatt, toh maine bhi unki choot ko chatna shuru kar diya toh who aaaahhhhhaaaa, offfff, acchiiiiiiiiii tarhhy chat.Aise awaz. Try as I might I could not get hard again even as Lizzy was fondling my balls. I saw Horas trying to withdraw from Cathy. He finally did so, licked her pussy and then lay down and licked his cock. Cathy stood up and held her hand over her pussy. “Come on it is time for us bitches to get cleaned up” Cathy said. I had to laugh as they both covered their weeping pussies as they stumbled to the bathroom. “Want to join us” called out Cathy. I sure did. Now the shower recess wasn’t never built for. Mikes hand is trapped fast in my cunt, it’s entrance no longer dilated by Ade’s weight, but Ade is still fucking me, his hips banging into my butt cheeks. Now we were spooning, he and I, he hard up my ass, clutching at my tits, as he called out, “You dirty slut, fucking slut, I’m gonna shag you so hard!” And then his hips banged even harder into my butt cheeks and he gasped, moaned, cried out and most obviously came hard in my bowel.Ade’s hips slowed, just as Mike tried to get his hand out from. The vibrators felt like they hummed faster as her tongue danced up and down my pussy lips. My cunt clenched around the ben wall balls. I shuddered, squirming. Her tongue caressed my labia, gathering my sweet juices flowing out of me.“Oh, Becky, you taste so good,” moaned Cass as she licked again. “Mmm, just so yummy.”“Uh-huh,” I moaned, not sure what to say. I jiggled my breasts, the vibrators shifting as they buzzed away against my nipples. My dick throbbed more and more. The buzzing bliss.

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