They rushed her to radiology and found she had a massive brain tumor. She is up in intensive care now. I heard some specialists came in that removed of the back of her skull to get the tumor out without messing her brain up.”Chloe’s hospital gown had pooh splattered on it, and her sheets showed that the farts weren’t only warning shots. I got her wrapped in the towel beside her bed. I couldn’t find the nurse, so I went back to tell Chloe I had to get her a clean gown and linens. It was. Soon we enter her room I push me down on floor I got on my knees cold feet touching my butts I look up as he open his robe I was shock seeing his fat long shaft I look up worry and in lower voice telling him his not going to fit in my ass it's to thick he smile looking down grab my hairs in his hand telling open wide girlI did barely have his thick cock head between my lips stretching wide barely could suck his cock head after few mins later his cock still was half soft I get up he turn me bend. "Pick her up. Come on, you get her feet!" shouted Jamie, lurching to her head. He grabbed her hands and lifted her, suprised that she wasn't as heavy as he had feared. Slowly, they carried her out of the lounge. Jamie glanced up occasionally, again concerned that in a moment of potential danger and terror he should be more concerned with looking at his sister's pussy as she struggled bow- legged along the hallway than with ensuring he didn't drop the girl. "Take her into her room and we'll. ................................................It was a good neighborhood for Moscow but like a lot of the city it was tired and run down. A group of homeless people stood around an improvised brazier trying to warm themselves with a small piece of burning wood. The harvest had been poor this year and hundreds of people come to the city from the country looking for work. Now a bitter winter had descended trapping many of them on the freezing streets. As the car pulled up many of them slid into.

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