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‘You staying?’ he asked. David’s head moved quickly. He nodded, and Emma saw him frown. She could tell her husband was puzzled. She had seen exchanges and realised her husband was wondering about the presence of the second man. There had been an arrangement, plans for a meeting in the hotel and a threesome. It was obvious to Emma her husband had been thrown by the additional body and the man’s question. ‘Yes,’ David replied. ‘That’s what we said–‘ The man turned away, disregarding. She’s got that kicked puppy look that I hate. Mousy brown hair pulled into a messy topknot, her eyes red-rimmed from tears she won’t ever let me see fall. ‘You read too much into looks.’ My tone is colder than I mean it to be. She flinches. ‘I have a class in twenty minutes,’ I tell her. It’s the first unsolicited bit of conversation I’ve aimed her way in almost a week. ‘So do I.’ We’re in the same grade, but don’t have any classes together. St. John’s Academy is a large school, there are three. No. Nothing like that." Karen waved it off, before biting her lip. "I- no, I'm just being silly. Sorry. How is work?" Karen. What's wrong?"To her shock, the girl she'd known from kindergarten, a woman she'd shared almost everything with started to sob. Between the gasps and cries, Karen poured her heart out. She'd had whirlwind romance for the last year and a half and capped off with a private wedding in Hawaii, that part, Amy was very aware of, but beneath the perfectly polished surface, the. .oh, no need to be coy, he was 34; a few weeks later I could have given you his age to the day. Let’s just call him Phil. I always knew him as...oh, let’s say Mr. Prescott...when I was younger. He and Dad were pretty tight friends, and Mom liked him a lot too, which wasn’t true of all of Dad’s buddies. “Anyway, after I left and talked with Dad and he went to have a quiet word with Old-Fogey Groper Scum, Phil sat down next to me at the kitchen table and started talking to me like an adult. That.

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