”“NOW!” I demanded.“What is going on in here, nurse?” Doc Curran said over the phone that was being held up against my ear for me.“I canno... have a cast that disables my ankle and my knee, I’m a professional performer and I don’t have the time for this full leg harness I’m about to be strapped into. Call my mother if you need to, but I refuse this treatment. Exactly, where is this break on my leg?”“Your fibula (Calf Bone), exactly midway between your patella and where your foot connects to your. "They'd have made trouble." I'll mention that to the city fathers," said Cross. "I'll remind them you went to pains to make sure there was no trouble."Cross pushed through the doors. The undertaker's two sons were there now, lifting bodies onto a wagon. Cross went to the three horses that were already tied to the rear wheel of the wagon. His examination revealed a very nice Sharps buffalo rifle and he removed it from the scabbard."Here now!" called Remmington. "That's my fee!" This is my fee,". She said and took another glimpse at my bulge .. thanks for doing that for me. She said raising her head to meet my eyes. Is that all you needed miss? I asked growing more concerned about my obvious excitement. Yes I think so. She said smiling Before you go&hellip, can I ask you something? She asked still smiling. Yes, anything you want. I assured her. Are you turned on? She asked looking down at my crotch again. Oh well no secrets now I thought. Well&hellip, umm.. yes&hellip,. Im sorry I didnt. Molly quickly came for a third time and still Mark continued to pound into her body. Molly came again, then again. Finally, with a loud scream, she passed out, overcome with sexual stimulation and pleasure. When she regained consciousness, she saw that Mark was pounding his cock into Beth just as Beth achieved her own orgasm.“Ohmigawd Mark! That was incredible. When will you be able to fuck us again?”“Well, you should know,” Mark replied, “that Beth and I have been making love for quite.

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