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‘That’s nice, ‘ she thinks, ‘but I want more.’So she continues upward. The third floor sign reads:Floor 3 - These men Have Jobs, Love Kids, ...nd are Extremely Good Looking.‘Wow, ‘ she thinks, but feels compelled to keep going.She goes to the fourth floor and the sign reads:Floor 4 - These men Have Jobs, Love Kids, are Drop-dead Good Looking and Help With Housework.‘Oh, mercy me!’ she exclaims, ‘I can hardly stand it!’Still, she goes to the fifth floor and the sign reads:Floor 5 - These men Have. I’d be half an hour from the coast, and less still from the complete wilderness of countryside. And I started to get excited that I might, just might, be able to put my big city years behind me, to improve the quality of my existence with a change of scenery. And I’d be going home, the Prodigal Son. I spoke to my head of department at school as soon as we started back after the Easter break, he said he’d been expecting to lose me for over two years, and that it was no surprise but ‘for God’s. We always met at acar pool parking place and took two cars up, four golfers in each. Thisyear we all met as usual and the mad dash to get everything in place andget on our way, was no different that last year, and soon we were packedup and on the road.However, there was something different. I couldn't put my finger on it,but there was something. Traveling in the other car was, Don, RK, Tomand Gary and in my car was me, Fred, Mark, Graig and Bob. I was riding up front with Bob, who was. He said damn that’s a hot looking fucking package you got there George. George thanked him and said yes she’s hot all right to bad you guys can’t sample that pussy it’s tight and hot as lava. Then he said yes, yes of course get right down there breathe in her aroma it’s like elixir to the gods I felt warm breath on my pussy and I thought omg I’m going to just die. As I heard him taking in deep sniffs of my aromatic pussy. My shame and humiliation had now found a new level as I felt like an art.

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