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As Julie’s fingersbegan to slide down Jennie’s arm Jennie just closed hereyes, let her head fall back, and moaned.“But Julie! WeR...7;re cousins. We shouldn’t”“It’s OK Jennie. Haven’t you ever heard of ‘kissingcousins’?”Jennie opened her eyes and just looked into Julie’s. Bothknew a threshold had been crossed as they closed theireyes and their lips met softly.Unknown to Julie and Jennie, their situation was not asprivate. She often travel by train to punjab whenever she is coming back to home. We planned to meet last time when she was traveling to her home. I asked her not to tell her that is coming and can lie that she wil reach by tomorrow. As per train schedule I reached their picked her up from station.It was shocking moment for me the who loved to wear punjabi suit today she was wearing a crop top with slim fitted jean . Which was looking awesome on her and gave me a hard erection under my pant. We reached. How did they know I was coming to their home this morning? Here they were, watching another embarrassing video and seemed to be enjoying it if his hand on her tits and hers on his boner are any indications. She spoke next."Don't worry sweetheart, you're with friends. You wanted to wack off for us. Enjoy the video with us. Be a good boy and take off your clothes. Maybe you need some encouragement." At which time, the glowing end of the joint came my way followed shortly thereafter by a glass of. .NOW!" Brian who had watched the whole ordeal took afew steps and when the other man tried to pull out a knife and Ryanpulled the trigger. It was enough for him to run just knowing that thereason his brains where on the wall behind him was all his fault.Ryan however went into shock, He had killed a man. And he knew thepolice had followed him. Hell they were probably watching right now sohe did what he could, he ran. How Long Ryan Nestler ran is unimportantbut when he stopped at the bus stop.

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