Then I felt my skirt being pulled down and soon it was round my ankles, I stepped out of it and moved Simon towards a chair, he sat down as I knelt in...front of him on all fours.My hand touching his rod through his undies, then I felt Andrew’s finger running up my slit through my blue knickers, God I knew I wouldn’t last too long I was simply gagging for it I just hope I wouldn’t be disappointed like last time. As Andrew rubbed me I licked up and down Simon’s shaft, then pulled down his undies,. Her free hand slid down her body, to her aching clit. When she had opened her eyes, she saw his penis in all its glory, and then it had exploded, beautifully. She could smell it.Her clit was already swollen and moist as her fingers passed over it. A wet well of extasy that drew a moan form her lisp as she touched it. A tightness grew around her hips, a deep desire for relief as she lay upon her bed. She squeezed her sex between her fingers, wet liquid spilled over her fingers as she gasped. She. Sexual pleasure personified for me, a hung man licking my cunt and a much younger hung bisexual man’s cock between my lips.I promised Roger I would squirt for him and the thought and anticipation of squirting soon, very soon, as huge sexual relief while two men watch is a wonderful sensation as I orgasm again.The way Roger is licking me is magic, especially with another hung man watching, as he flips the tip of my clitoris with the tip of his tongue - and I am very close to squirting. Out of. I felt the two neat bows on my shoulders slip, and then my gown drifted down my body to gather at my feet as the crowd of onlookers cheered my unveiling. Hands rose in the crowd as the bidding increased. It continued upwards, passing two thousand pounds as I was told to turn myself.My feet shuffled apprehensively round, turning my body in full circle until I faced them once more. The auctioneer walked up to stand beside me, his finger pointed out what fine lips I had. There was a splattering of.

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