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Showing up on TuesdayTuesday, I got up, showered, shaved and dressed for success. Then I caught a cab down to Findley on Tuesday morning. I was meetin... up with some women I had met Sunday night and we were all going to go through this together. Misery loves company. So when I got there about nine thirty, I met up with Dani and Phyllis and Barbara and we all walked in.Findley did a whole group of photos on their web page for the reception room and a lot of other places. You saw on line what you. To make things worse, I was standing around feeling depressed when this guy came over and started to hit on me. I wasn't in the mood, and he had bad breath anyway.I tried, unsuccessfully, to indicate that I wasn't interested, and eventually Beth's husband, Rob, came over and rescued me.He is a very handsome guy and we've always been friends. Beth, Rob and I had attended high school together, even going to the same junior college. They got married the year we all graduated, and have been husband. I stood there as normal my cunt and ass on display again, it was getting time for classes to start.Then she took some things from her back pack. I had no idea what they were, but I knew I probably would not like it.Then she reached down between my legs, and I found out what she had in her hand. She clipped a clamp on my cunt lip, drew it over to my leg. It had a chain on it, once she had it on me, she pulled it tight. It hurt I screamed to ask her to stop. All she did was say, "Shut the fuck up. I started to get an erection. She kind of flinched a little. I pulled my hand back and put it on the steering wheel. We went to a fast food place and got burgers and shakes and sat alone over in the corner. I called my wife and said, “We are going to have a snack here in town. We’ll be home about eight.” I told her.“That means she will get ate before eight.” That stupid bitch just could not hold a conversation without saying something stupid.“Give your stupid shit a rest, will you? Kari decided.

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