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“Maa. They are tickling me.” as he said she opened his shirt buttons and pressing her boobs over his naked chest asked, “Now what do you feel?�...“Habbbaaaaa.” he hugged her tightly. Her soft tits were crushed under his strong chest. Holding her like that he removed bra hooks. Abhi raised the bra cup above her tit. As it rose up the panty which she hid under the bra fell in her lap.“Maa see your bra. I found it now you do what you said.” He gave her panty.Malini removed his dick out of his boxer.. We both moaned a great deal.“Oh Fuck Tim. I’m going to cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” Kim yelled out.I could feel her muscles clamp around my dick. Her legs wrapped around my waist as she pulled me into her and kissed me hard. As she started to cum, I could feel my balls rising and I too, let loose deep inside her.As my last shot of cum went inside her, Toni moaned out she was going to cum, which got Pete going and he started fucking her hard, so he could release too. Toni was shaking her head back and. I saw the look in his eyes and sighed."AI, is Yvette still in her pod, or is she already on her way to the red ring?" I asked."Yvette is at Red six and in discussion with Terrence, should I interrupt them?" the AI's voice replied.I silently cursed. "No, I can ask her my question at the meeting."Tiffany seemed a bit puzzled. "What question?"I looked at her. "Your concubine needs someone to talk to him about the realities of being a male concubine and I thought that Philippe, one of Yvette's. Could they do that? Or would it be too weird? Was she being a sick bitch for even thinking about it? But she knew that some women, not just porn actresses, had threesomes and that they even had double penetration. She didn't know if any fathers and sons did it. But if she could imagine it, well then it had probably happened. She'd bet anything that br0thers had done it. Just like she'd bet that s!sters, regular women, just really horny ones, have had sex with one guy. Even if they were.

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