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She then arched her back and turned her head and we made out as I fucked her. I was barely holding on ready to blow a huge load in her tight pussy and...she realized it so she had my wife and her switch places. My wife got in front of me on all fours I went to town her. Our friend came by my side as I was giving hard to the wife and started kissing me and slapping her ass. As I got closer to blowing my load our friend reached under and rubbed my wifes clit and after putting her finger in my mouth. “I’ll beat you to the room!” she cried as she raced across the hallway to the bridge simulation room.My blond concubine crossed the passageway and was only a couple feet from the door to the bridge room when she abruptly halted. She stood there watching the door as I walked down the hall to catch up to her.“I almost did it again,” Ashley said quietly when I put an arm around her.“What?” I asked as the door opened. As it did, we could hear someone talking in the room.“Keep your movements. I feel the same about you and Emmy, just so you know. I’m curious about something, though. It seems as if you don’t think being a virgin has any particular value.”I shrugged, “How could I, if I’m going to have sex with you without being married to you? Wouldn’t that be kind of scummy? What am I going to do? Have sex with you but then insist I have to marry a virgin when I’m not one myself? That’s the rub, isn’t it? If you want to insist on a virgin partner then you have to be one, too.. I just wanted to sleep.But I couldn't do that until Daddy – that's how I was thinking of Zeus these days – woke up. Physically, the docs said that Daddy was fine, but they couldn't predict when he might come out of his coma. Might. As in might not, too.Finally, though, we were in the Naabeehó Bináhásdzo – we were home. That meant I could get to the Hummer, and that meant that I could talk to Martinez. I was sure by now that he was with my kids. The dreams that I was getting were just too clear..

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