“I think the bleeding has stopped, or slowed to a trickle, so I’m going to wipe your head and face some. Is that okay with you, Mike?”I couldn�...t exactly place the voice but it was definitely a sweet sounding, young voice. I struggled to think who this was because it wasn’t my mom or sister, Mary. And, if my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me, I thought this young lady wasn’t wearing a shirt, either.“Yeah, I’m feeling a tad better. Do what you think is needed, thanks, Uh, uh...”“No problem, Mike.. "What?" asked Mandy. Phil smiled and said,"I just absorbed another memory of my MC as Wanda. It was the first timemy MC and I had sex, after I had injected my MC as a co-habitant inWanda's brain. I didn't realize my MC was rubbing Wanda's clit right awayso much. He liked sucking Wanda's finger after that, and he lovedchuckling about having Wanda Pie."Mandy started getting aroused watching and listening to Phil talk abouthis MC's time in Wanda's body, but they were interrupted when Wandastirred. When he came, I casually walked from the other room towards him, bent fully to expose my breasts through the unbuttoned dress, stayed in that bent position for longer than necessary to give him a great look at my well developed firm breasts which were only covered at sides by the dress and the tits being nicely visible. He became restless and again split much milk on ground. Such mental excitement was provided regularly to him. Next, we executed another plan, my husband sat at a table taking. After about ten to fifteen minutes, I managed to ejaculate. By that time, my girlfriend was at her sixth orgasm. She always came back for more.My penis, while useless for me in terms of sensual pleasure, was quite big at 18.5cm (7.5"). In fact, it felt too big, and I was always worried it would pop up at the top of my swimsuit. As a teenager, I worried girls will notice my frequent erections. Later, in my adult years, I thought this was just a childish fantasy of mine. At an older age, reading.

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