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She had John, she was happy with John. She loved John. Her mind was set, no more improper thoughts about that gorgeous hunk of meat sitting a foot in ...ront of her that she just wanted to…NO! ‘I’m going to go wait out in the truck for you okay, baby,’ John said then kissed her on the head. ‘Okay, I’ll be their in a minute.’ then John stood up and headed for the door. Gabriel scooting his chair next to Cassy’s, he got real close to her she felt like she couldn’t breathe. Is he really going to do. I’m on all fours and I know what’s coming. But you surprise me. You tell me you have to go to the bathroom. I expect you to get up, but instead, you push your pussy on to my face and tell me to not miss a drop. I feel my mouth filling with your piss…warm, no…hot, sweet and bitter and salty at the same time. Filling my moth… I can taste your sex mixed in. I drink in every drop using my tongue to make sure your clean and beautiful.You come around behind me and pull out the plug that I’ve been. There were all the clothes I had worn before, the mini-kilt, the school uniform and some new items. There was even the girly gingham frock. There was also plenty of underwear; basques, corsets, bras, panties, petticoats, camisoles, tights and stockings; and for my feet, high-heeled shoes and ankle boots. For jewellery I got a string of beads, a gold bracelet, a lovely ring, and a three pairs of gold earrings. I was very glad my ears had been pierced. There were also dainty handkerchiefs,. Alice walked over to the highboy dresser and opened one of the drawers. Reaching inside, she produced a cylindrical object wrapped in tissue paper. Unfolding the tissue, she found an ivory carving. "Oh my! what do we have here?" she said as her hands rubbed all around it."It appears to be a cock!" Kelly answered. "The detail is amazing. The slit in the head. The bulging veins. The crinkled skin around its balls. It's a piece of art!"Alice put the carved helmet to her lips, kissing it gently at.

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