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I had allowed this man to relive himself while showing my self to him what ever was I thinking doing something like that.Later that night I couldn’t...get this man from my mind I was really excited that I had shown myself to this man I wanted to do more I was so excited by the thought of that.The next morning I waited until I could see him going to the summerhouse,I got myself dress and made my way,He had his back to me and didn’t notice me at first when he did I could see he was already aroused. .. grow weak in the knees as Ben's gentle hands made their way from her knee to her thigh... squirm as his thumbs teased her responsive nipples... shiver as a roaming finger stroked her wet, throbbing-"Yo Ally, where were you just then?" Ben asked, a spoonful of ice cream halfway to his mouth.She prayed to God he wouldn't figure it out, but given the warmth that crept up her face, he'd have to be a total idiot not to guess her far away look had something to do with sex. After all, what human. Simon slid himself down to the floor where he crouched down in front of Rose, taking hold of each side of Roses knickers; he pulled them down in a swift movement as Rose lifted her bottom to help. Simon couldn't help notice her glistening wet slit and he admired the juicy lips of her nicely shaved pussy, this made his cock throb all the more.Rose moved so that her pussy was positioned at the front of the sofa and lent herself back spreading and raising her legs as she did so. Rose was. "You have earned a reward."We stick around a while longer, making talk with people around the place, watching people be freaky with each other. Once we were ready to leave, we bid our farewells and thanks for the fun. Linda slips me her number just before we walked out and kissed us both goodbye. We get in the car and drive even further up north. Once again I fall asleep in the car and we arrive to our destination. This time it's a hotel. You check us in and we walk to the elevator, our hotel.

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