They weren't RAISED in Texas ... believe me ... RAISED in Texas makes all the difference.)The Sanchez Catalonian progenitors had been inhabitants of t...e town of Llivia, located in the Pyrenees, in the Cerdanya valley. The district is totally surrounded by France. Problems with Castilian Spain in the 1620's saw the family pack up and move by sea to Texas in the general area of what would be Galveston/Houston two hundred and fifty years later."As a 'bonus' for getting out of my hair and leaving. And not just blushing. She moved closer and put her hand on my chest. “Would you like to kiss a girl?”“Yes”“How about a woman twice as old as you, a woman like me?”“I would be crazy to not want to kiss you, you are gorgeous” I said.“Do you really want to kiss me?“I do.”“Do you want me to teach you how make girls happy so that you have a lot of girlfriends?”“Would you do that for me? You have just met me. ““You are a nice k**. At that comment I felt very under her command, not wanting to be a. Well, now that I've pumped up my ego a bit, let's see what I can do. Next, I reconfigured the elements around me to create clothes, after all I couldn't walk in public naked now could I. Well I probably could, but low profile and all. With that, I took off across the field. No , I didn't reappear in front of some crowded public place full of people, thank you very much. I made sure to be in the middle of nowhere when I did my little magic trick. Cris Angel can kiss my ass. Anyway, I took off. I whimpered quietly but continued to kiss Susan. I realized Chris was fingering us both while we kissed. Susan's breath was hot and our breathing became heavy after only a few minutes of kissing. I could smell her sweet scented perfume. I opened my eyes and realized hers were opened too. We looked into each other's eyes and a memory of friendship rushed to my brain. Here was Susan, my best friend, who I loved and respected kissing me. We'd talked about so many things from men, to sex and even.

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