No problem. We’re men here. You gonna shower? Go ahead, I’m almost done.”He let go of the handle, but stood where he was, not able to move, it s...emed. I turned and looked him up and down.“You know, you’ve got a great body. It’s only going to get better as you get older. You don’t have anything to be ashamed of.”He was still having trouble looking at me, but by keeping his eyes down, my cock was in his line of sight.“That phone isn’t doing a bit of good there, and you’re only going to punch in a. Phir meine use apne bahoo mein le kar use kiss karna laga aur uske pure badan par ko chaat ne laga fhir 1 finger se uske chut mein ander bahar karne laga use pehle thoda dard hua par fhir aho majaa lene lage. Baad mein meine use kaha ke “dekho majaa tabhi aata hai jab ladki samne vale k lund ko mouth mein le kar blow job dete” pehle usne manaa kiya baad mein usne thoda sa mouth mein leya aur use majaa ane lagaa fhir mera pura 6 inch ka lund le kar jor jor se choose ne lage. 10 min ke baad jab. Sophie sounded so disappointed! I could tell she wanted my cock and I was going to give it to her one way or another. I had always wanted to try this, but the moment had never been right. I hoisted her up and put her on all fours, she began too murmur trying to tell me she was in too much pain, but I shushed her. I grabbed her gorgeous ass cheeks and spread them, her pink rosebud exposing itself to me. It looked so tight! I couldn’t wait to squeeze my throbbing meat into that. Her pussy may. Sitting down beside us he remarked how elegant Mavis looking this evening and immediately got into the conversation we were having about how times had changed from when we were k**s, no mobile phones or computers in those days and going to the local pub was the social event of the week .After about 10 minutes I emptied my glass, Tony was a great guy but he could go on, sometimes it seemed that he never even stopped for a breath, Mavis finished her drink and I went to the bar to get our.

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