“I’m not sure,” Kat answered honestly.“Well, I get off at 6,” said Lucy. “Why don’t you come back then, we’ll go get a drink?”“OK,...” said Kat, her heart suddenly beating rapidly. Something about Lucy really excited her, made her feel a little weak in the knees. She left the store as Lucy attended to the new customers.Feeling happily dazed and anxious, Kat walked around window shopping for a while. She got a latte at a cafe and browsed in a bookstore. She called home and left a message that. “Did you know the stars are actually holes, punched thru byold trapped birds in the black blanket of the night sky?” I asked. “I thought they were giant balls of flaming gases in space”,Dakota said proudly, “And the ones that burn twice as bright, burn half aslong” How did they know so much? For clones, they seemed perfectlynatural. And naturally perfect. The four of us spoke and laughed the nightaway. But there was always something dark, mysterious and naughty pulling just beneaththe surface. Now both of them were seeing my dick and i grabbed aditi by her waist and starting rubbing my dick on her pussy. Rishika told she is too tired and sit and watch now. Then i made aditi to lie on my car front and put my dick in her love hole. when i inserted only my penis head entered inside. Then with many pushes i finally entered her fully and started stroking in and out. She was moaning horny and for my surprise rishika entered and started sucking aditi’s perky boobs.I fucked her for about 20. Since Mom and I were sort of in this together. I confided in her and she wanted to turn the tables also. The next weekend Babs was getting ready to go to a bar and told Mom and I to make sure we were good subjects and she may reward us when she got home. I stood up and told Babs that she needed to be good and that she wasn't going out tonight. She tried to blow me off. Until I grabbed ahold of her arm and told her that she was going to service Mom and I tonight. She tried to pull away but.

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