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Upset by the treatment the others showed her, Dianna was less than her best in practice. When, at last, it ended, she walked dejectedly toward the loc...er room. ‘Dianna, can I see you in my office a minute?’ Miss Conklin asked. Lisa was standing behind Miss Conklin, and Dianna saw hatred in the other girl’s eyes and was shaken. ‘Why is Lisa so angry with me?’ she wondered as she followed the coach into her office. ‘You didn’t have a very good day today, did you Dianna?’ Miss Conklin noted when. I turned off my brain, shut my eyes, and lobbed the bean bag like I had before.“Ba-shoom! And there you have it, friends! That is how it is done, nothing but net! Jiggle-jiggle-SWISH!” Uncle Evil announced joyously, and people cheered. I had thrown a 10 pointer right in the face bucket. I wished I hadn’t closed my eyes so I could see if I had banked it off Barbara’s pretty face.If I had, she didn’t seem to mind. She smiled and looked more excited at being my target.I threw the next one the same. "Yes. At least, I hope yours was as good as that one. As my favorite niece would say, it was awesome." Cool."While I'd been shaving, Cheryl had loaded Mister Coffee, so I had a cuppajava to go with my morning paper after we returned from checking the horses. "Perfect," I said after tasting it. "How did you know how much to put in?" God, I hate you." Translation: you could triple your IQ points and you'd still be behind Mom."You've watched me make it and paid attention. Right. You know, Mandy. I often had men flirt with me, but I only had eyes for Mike. I didn'treally find any other men attractive and tended to avoid going placeswhere I would have to speak to them.As I dressed in a simple white vest top and cut off jean shorts, I hearda knock at the door. It was four sharp taps, so I knew who it was. Iheaded down the stairs and opened the door, seeing a blonde, middle agedwoman in a blue, flowery dress."Hey Donna," I said to my neighbour and best friend, as I stepped to theside to.

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