She stood in front of him, breathing heavily, looking him up and down seductively. His whole body was tense, and his face was dark. She couldn’t hel... but notice the bulge straining across his zip fly. Mark’s eyes roamed all over her body, across her round, full chest, down her strong thighs, her shapely arms, and into the dark pools that stared back at him so hungrily. Slowly, torturously, she lowered herself onto his lap, straddling him, but barely making contact with her aching core. Holding. "Uh, Ash...you gotta stop!!" I pleaded. " I'm gonna cum!"That only gave her encouragement. Her pace increased, as did the depth she was taking my cock towards her throat. She must have sensed when I was going to erupt because she pushed her head forward until her nose was against my trimmed pubes. I could feel my cock in the recesses of her throat. That was my breaking point. With a guttural bark, I was barely able to let Ashley know I was there."Ash, I'm cumming!" I exclaimed, my cum blasting. ”“True, man. But this cunt is amazing,” Liam replied.“Ahhhh,” I moaned softly.“You like it, hun? You like it, slut,” Liam said, slapping me across the face.“Ahhhh… yes… yes… yes… yes,” I cried louder in pleasure.“Oye, Adrian, pull the car over, man. Let’s take this bitch out on the road,” suggested Charles.The car stopped once more. My bonds were untied, and I was carried out of the car. They put me down and bent me over the bonnet. All of them were naked now. Chris came up behind me and. Phir maine socha chalo jake aate hai aur usi bahane bhabhi ko dekhne ko milega.Fir maine 1 week ki leave le li office se aur me banglore holi ke ek din pehle pohoch gaya.Maine jaise hi door bell bajayi andar se ritu bhabhi ne darwaza khola aur bas fir kya use upar se niche dekhne laga kya chikni lag rahi thi red saree and black blouse,ek dum phataka.Wo thoda muskurayi aur kaha aye devarji maine bhi unko hi kaha aur haal chal pucha aur andar chale gaye sofe pe beth gaya aur usne kaha ruko pani.

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