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The others were moving around behind me but I dare'nt stop to look, when I did I wished I hadn't as I turned my head I had the sight of both Fay and B...bbie with long strap-on cocks parading them in front of my eyes, Bobbie bent and held my jaw, "You've sucked pussy enough for a while, lets see what your like sucking cock, you better make sure their wet as you know where there going next."I went to plead, to beg them to stop, I hadn't got half the word please out when Josie trashed my naked ass. Today one of her friends had brought a work colleague, a woman of the same age, who very quickly settled in to the conversation, which today was generally about their husbands’, and the various complaints each had about their spouse. The new girl, Jenny, was like the rest of them complaining about untidiness, and forgetfulness, but slightly shocked Cindy, when she called her partner her “wife”.As they left the restaurant it turned out Jenny lived in the same direction as Cindy, and suggested. “I wonder what your mom thinks of this. With him babysitting the boys, who’s going to give her close order drill?”“Jimmy, you pig! That’s my mother you’re talking about!” protested Debby. Still, she was smiling. “I suspect that’s what the General was doing there that morning. Drilling Mom.”“They’ll just have to use the parlor for a few days,” I commented.Debby just laughed, then turned the wheel sharply and pulled into a McDonald’s. “Honey, do you mind if we eat early? I’m starved, and I have. Ok. Whatever. Why am I so tired, anyway? My body’s good energy is full, and so are the reserves?I changed into a pair of loose sleep shorts, used the bathroom, and worked my way into the middle of the bed. As told, the kids moved around so that I could get in between the sheets and then changed themselves around until I ended up with a girl on each side of me. One shifted around until she pushed up against my side with my hand down inside her panties, cupping her mound. She wasn’t the least bit.

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