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Laurie pushed my head back and hovered over me, about to sit on my face. I licked my lips in anticipation as she spread her hairy labia apart, giving ...e an up close and personal view of her luscious pink vag. My good friend then took me by complete surprise as she peed all over me, covering my face ant tits with her warm golden liquid. I could barely breathe as she drenched me, giggling at her mischievous kinky act, while I tried to clear my eyes and wipe my mouth. I was about to protest, when. He arched and gasped; sometimes looking like he was in pain and at others looking like he was surprised by what he was feeling. He sounded like it all felt good.When I began stroking his cock, he began cooing in Spanish. I grinned as he reached for me, but I pushed him back. For once, I just wanted to watch him come."Papi - Papi - Papi -" he panted. Then I felt his rectum pulsing around my fingers. A second later, his dick throbbed twice then he shot a wad of spunk straight up. I couldn't. Not finding what she was looking for, she placed her right leg up into the seat so she could further bend over. Her emaculate ass was pushed high into the air and spread to an amazing angle. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that she was in this highly improbable yet tantalizing position entirely for my benefit. Somewhat trying to look at the road I stared, mesmerized by her ass. The thin black material did nothing to hide either of her sexy little holes beneath its tiny strip. The. Not far off. "All I'm going to do is transform you to a new life." Then he used his mind control powers to rewrite her previous personal information. Her mind was putty in his hands. But first the transformation. He first decided to increase her intelligence to her maximum level. Then he started on reforming her body. Her face was o.k, but with his powers he made it like a models. Plain brown hair became bright pink as her new eyes. She was a thin and small breasted. He fixed that by giving her.

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