I knew I had to take action now. I brought up the idea of finding her a substitute in place of myself. My wife at first didn’t like the idea, but h...r inner sexual desires were just too much for her to handle. I urged her to go through with it because she might never experience anything like this ever again. After careful thought, my wife finally agreed to go along with the idea of finding a suitable partner. The plan was to go out and look for a young handsome stranger and then take him back. Poor Ronald can't get it up anymore.They left Ronald smiling.As Arthur drove up the drive, Gregory, the next-door neighbor, waved him down. Gregory said Margaret, his wife, was out shopping and did Anne have time to see him. Anne checked the time and told Gregory she had to get changed and prepare for the evening. "It's card night tonight," Anne told Gregory.Arthur came to Gregory's rescue, "I can get things ready for tonight," he told Anne."Okay then. Give me five minutes," Anne said, smiling,. The sudden contact in that area surprised me and I jumped. Riley giggled and sucked one of my balls into her mouth. “Ohhh God I’m going to...,” I moaned. Riley’s hand was around my shaft squeezing before I could get the words out. When my body had relaxed, she lowered her head and trailed her tongue up my swollen prick from base to tip. I gasped when she reached the sensitive tip. “Oh, that’s good!” Her tongue swirled around the purple head a few times sending shivers through me. She. There was a long drawn out cry as she squirted over my hand and face, her legs shaking.She gasped, “Please, stop for a moment, I’m too sensitive,” as she pulled my lips from her clit. She was panting and gasping for air; apparently, she’d been holding her breath through her orgasms and some of my cunnilingus.She scooted up the bed holding her arms out to me. She curled up in my arms, her blue eyes locked on mine. Her tongue came out tentatively, at first, licked at her juice streaking my face..

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