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Mothers intuition and all. I lace up my doc martens taking my time, no need to run out straight away. If I do she'll know and call me back. I apply he...vy eyeliner and midnight blue mascara with shaky hands. I do my best to try and hide the baby in my face. I give myself a once over and realise I haven't put my fang necklace on. I grab it as I head out of my room stomping heavily.I have to play it cool or my mom will suspect, so I head to the fridge stare for a minute, then grab go-gurt, when I. Just the right size for her to carry home.She set the front trigger, with her finger ready to touch the rear, hair-trigger. She hesitated when the herd of deer stopped and raised their heads – white tails raised in alarm. Before they could spook, she squeezed the trigger and within a second, the small deer lay dead on the slope. The herd, spooked by the rifle shot, ran down toward the valley below as Willah stood, gathered her gear and headed toward her kill.Across the swale – on the opposite. . like Casper Milquetoast. Yet the most prominent Alpha Males from the last century were small men, Hitler and Stalin.Checking mailboxes He saw His party was on the top floor. "The penthouse?" He asked himself.In the elevator He composed Himself. Emotion would be counter-productive. He couldn't have that.The elevator opened to a single entry with a door opening to His left and another on the right. As He had guessed, there were only two apartments on the top floor. "Very elite!" He chuckled to. "Nor this, I am afraid, Sir."I followed the hat with a fur trimmed muff. Puzzled Nicola took it and it was only once she had placed her kid gloved hands inside it that I produced the steel cuffs and fastened her wrists together. "No, of course," I said. "Nor is it intended to be. It will however serve to dress you for a short excursion. Let us go." Go, Sir?" Nicola's look was one of alarm. "But Sir, beneath this cloak I am naked and with my hands fastened so I will be unable to hold the cloak.

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