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After 5 mt I introduced myself to both of them and asked where you willing go and they told to go tumkur and I told I also same place. He introduced lady to me and asked to help to travel and give company upto tumkur , she is singal I said ok. After 10mt one old private bus was came and both of us are get in the bus, after seeing the seat all are vacant and we took same seat and sit in the middle of bus which is 3 seat capacity after 10mt only 6 passenger came and sit front seat which are. He told me just what to do. I started gently licking around the head, then down his muscular shaft, up and down and all around. He lifted his cock meat up and showed me the little line right under his head. As ordered, I began licking the little line with my hot tongue. I worked my tongue around and around his cockhead, then back underneath to his hot spot. Then he told me to just keep my mouth open, and to stick out my tongue and leave it out.He pulled my head a little closer, and placed. Main unko chodna chahta tha aur ko apna lund taste karwana chahta tha. Ab main story par aata hun jab dad chale gaye.Aur ab shadi ko 3days bache the. Aur main is time ko chodna nahi chahta tha. Is samay mere dimag main ideas paida kar raha tha ki kaise main apni maa ko chodu. Phir 1 din aise hi sochte -2 nikal gaya.Fir main aur mom sham ko dinnar se pehle baat kar rahe the tho mom :main shadi walon ke yaha jaa rahi hun 10:00 baje tak aaungi.Me: mom main kahan soungaMom: so jana kahi bhi,. I could see Eve turn her head and smile, which was about all she could do at the moment, then I went limp and slid out of her. As Eve staggered away, Allie took me back in her mouth and sucked me clean. I’ve heard of that happening, but this is the first time anyone has ever done it to me. I stroked her hair and cheek as she drew on me. That was so sweet! And I’m so hungry! What does a guy have to do to get a little breakfast around here? All the rest of the day I dozed, worn.

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