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His salami cock stretching my throat to the max and another two, pulsating in both palms of my hands.“Oh God, I’m cumming,” He bellowed out as I...felt his cock expand. Then his cock filled my mouth with warm cum. Most of his cum went down my throat until it near drowned me and I was gagging for air, and cum splattered out of my mouth when he pulled out. I coughed and gasped for air, with drool and cum dangling out of my mouth.Once I seemed to recover my breathing, the two big dudes in my. I tasted her; sweet with a subtle hint of earthy arousal, and my cock swelled.She noticed, smiled, and reached down, her knee rising to expose her pussy. Staring at me, she touched herself again, this time slowly pressing deeper, probing. I watched as her finger penetrated her pussy at the base of her cleft up to her second knuckle and slowly withdrew. It glistened. I almost groaned.Still smiling, she extended her finger. This time her taste was stronger, pure ambrosia. I sucked her finger and. He still had a firm grip around my hips with one hand resting against my erection, I could feel his warm breath against my arse and if I am honest it felt nice and then as he pulled me back towards him I had a weird sensation like a tongue pressing my arse hole, OMG it felt so bloody nice.He held my cock tightly as he wiggled my hips which seemed to push his tongue further into my arsehole which by the way opened up easily, I think this was due to the two finger cleaning technique my father. "Jennifer: "Yes Master, I understand. xx"Me: "You make Master very happy."Jennifer: "I'm glad. xx"Me: "You weren't expecting that, were you?"Jennifer: "Not at all, no complaints though. xx"Me: "Good, I like when one of my girls doesn't have any complaints."Jennifer: "None from me. xx"Me: "You won't like Master when he's mad (well, you might. Depends what you're into.) x"Jennifer: "Mmmm I think I might!! xx"Me: "I can be awfully demanding when I'm mad and not easily pleased, still think you'll.

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