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It was on the top of my shirt but it was moving up it and it was moving up it real fast. I felt it on my boobs. Yes, my boobs I remember thinking. Pus... down on them. Squeeze them too, I thought. And he did. He pressed down on my tits. He pushed down on them and then, finally, he squeezed it. It was amazing! He was amazing. He rubbed and squeezed and pressed down on my boobs! Oh my fucking god! That was soooo damn cool. I felt that all the way down into my legs, into my thighs, and I soooo. I needed to be tied down and gagged. I thought I was prepared for anything. He knows I’m a kinky bitch. He turned the vibrator on and slammed it in my pussy. I would have screamed without my panties in my mouth. Damn a dick feels good but that vibrator slamming in and out of me was so damn intense. I wiggled and squirmed and spread my legs so far apart. He pulled it out covered in my pussy juices and started taunting my clit with it. I damn sure wanted to scream. He was teasing me so. Yesterday night the son of the “priest” died from a heart attack. His funeral is scheduled to be here. He’ll be buried in the family grave of his father.”The “priest”! No one in the village mentioned his name since he died. Never! For he was a wicked evil man. During the years of the German occupation in the Second World War he acted as a traitor. He betrayed people from the resistance hiding in the wilds. And he created a big fortune of it. In later days, during the dictatorship, he took again. The ordeal of the security check was over, at least for the moment, but Mev knew he would be under a lot more scrutiny now. The higher profile would likely become an annoyance sooner or later but there had not been any way to easily avoid it.Suddenly the admittance buzzer sounded indicating that someone who wasn't on the access list for the compartment wanted to enter. Most of the equipment spaces on the ship had access restricted to those in the crew who needed access. The civilian refugees on.

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