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She laughed and said she wanted to see my kunju. I opened the buttons of my half pant and let out my penis. I noticed it was really big.She took my in her hands and said, ” My God. this is really big for your age.” I asked her whether it was wrong to have that size. She smiled and told me nothing wrong in that. She said that i have become a man and it should be celebrated. I asked how. She said when girls attain age, people celebrate openly and regarding boys it should be kept secret. She. She must, for they both know that others in the bar are looking at them, the males especially. Men always look at her. She had a wild mane of naturally red hair it frames her face in an untamed flame-licking way. Her skin was that creamy white that so often goes with red hair and her eyes are a vivid blue and set wide apart. Her mouth is large, almost but not quite too large and her wetly glistening lips are full- formed. Her profile was pure and clean and made one think of the poets in Ireland. The feeling of tightness, heat and wetness ... and the pulsing of her body against mine.I cupped her breast, and tweaked her hard nipple.She moaned, and said “I’d like to get them pierced”.I thought to myself “My god ... this young woman knows how to push all my sexual buttons ... Jena knew how, and had obviously shared that knowledge with Selena”.“Can I be there?” I asked.“Absolutely” she answered.We had developed a steady fuck rhythm, grinding our joined bodies together. I could feel her. After a few minutes he calmed down, and started to toss off too, while stareing back at me. We continued this for a while, then he stood up, walked to my side, and sat next to me... wow, was i happy!! We looked at each other again for a bit, wanking at the same time. Then he asked could he feel my cock! Well, of course i said yes, so he lent over, moved my hand and started to rub up n down my shaft, pulling on my foreskin, and making some pre-cum appear, which he spread over my cock n balls.

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