As we made eye contact she flung her arms around my neck and pulled my head tightly into her chest. Even in this situation my first instinct was to in...ale her fragrance. She smelled of fresh-picked strawberries. “Oh my God! I’m so sorry, Dean.” From her shaky voice I could tell she was still tearing up. “John’s always wanted what you’ve had. Your athleticism, your brains, even your girls. I can’t believe he did this to you, though. I know he’s my brother, but you’ve always been the best part of. Randi hu me teri..Me : kyu re aur bol na.. Teri gand bi marni he par wo tere ghrpr . Ab chup kar aur chudte reh.Then we changed the positions and fucked in doggy style.She: ha ab kutiya banake chod randwe. Me ab puri tarh teri rand ban chuki hu. Chod muje. Muje zannat ka maza de..Hearing those words I too was excited and started to fuck her in doggy style.She: ahhhh mere darling.. Sssssss bohot maza aa rha he.. Aaahbbhh msssssYaar sexy umahhh baby chod yaar zor se chodMe teri hu aahhhhh umm. I could tell she was fighting valiantly because I saw the strain on her face, the curled fingers as they clawed at the armrests, and the sheen of sweat on her body from the effort she was putting out.Since this was only the second time we had been together and the first time we had really done anything sexual, I decided to take it a little easy on her. Besides, I had other things in mind for my playtoy. She begged me again to let her cum and release her from her torment. I told her no, but. "Oh my god here it comes!!!" I yell out, your only response is to go faster. Suddenly a bright white light explodes in front of my eyes. I feel myself spinning out of control, and I just let go and float. After a moment I come back to the earth and see your pretty face pillowed on my belly again, looking at me expectantly, "Was that good?" You ask as a smile plays on your face already knowing the answer. I smile at you "Your turn..." I say as I flip you onto your back and begin assaulting your.

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