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Now then you think about that while I go pick up our dry cleaning and do some grocery shopping. Don't stop thinking about that and don't play with you...self. I want that hard cock ready to service me later tonight." She walked over to him and fondled his cock through his jeans as she kissed him goodbye. As she went out the door she turned and smiled at him and said, "Simmer."Throughout the afternoon she would send an occasional text message to him saying such things as simmer, panties, satin and. I asked Tonya how much I could spend. She told me to try to keep it under $800.00. Timmy $800.00 for a new dress and some underwear! It was unbelievable." "You were in girl heaven, weren't you." "Yes I was. And then she told me that after I was finished at Maxine's I should go across the mall to Grant's Shoe store and buy a pair of high heels to match the dress. Tonya suggested that I should be able to get a nice pair for around $200.00. Timmy, at that time I didn't own a single pair of shoes. These people ranged from a pretty young goth girl who looked around nineteen, to an older chubby woman who looked to be in her fifties. It was a rather small class, with only two males, both of whom seemed to be gay. Kiara stood behind a screen slider and slowly began to undress. Kiara pulled her t-shirt above her head, and as it was the summer, she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her A cup breasts were now on show, and she felt that same feeling rising inside her. She took off her boots and socks, then. “Yes, Lieutenant.” Frank wanted control of the discussion.“May I take my leave, Sir?” Lucy knew she had completed her mission. She smiled.“Yes, Lieutenant.”“Thank you, Sir,” Lucy stood up, saluted, turned, and headed for the exit.Zeke focused on his breakfast.“Zeke, do you have any sisters or brothers?”“One each Sir. Brother is nine and sister is six.” Zeke had a pained expression, “Sister has Down Syndrome.”“How has that changed your life?” Zeke asked.“A lot,” Zeke said.“Like losing one’s.

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