After that, it was all pain. She connected every last one of the units to the pads and spent over an hour making me dance and jerk like a marionette. ...he started with my thighs, watching them with an evil grin as the low-level current made them twitch and jerk. She turned on current across my titties and I moaned. She slid her hand across my cunt and I came quickly. "You came?" I nodded. "You really are a sick fuck," she said, shaking her head. Then, she turned up the voltage on my thighs until. Imagine my surprise when I saw who I thought was the man that had touched my thigh earlier. He was standing at a urinal in the corner and to my amazement I saw he was wanking himself. I had a pee but kept looking at him mesmerised. I could feel my own cock getting harder in my hand. I was staring so long I didn’t realise I had fished my pee. He must have felt my gaze as he turned and smiled. I was so embarrassed and my face felt red hot. I suddenly realised that my cock was still out and as I. If anything, she was a hanger-on, an occasional presence drinking beer or occupying a lawn chair while the boys worked on trucks. All the guys just called her "Melons" because of the balloon like breasts she so proudly paraded in front of her. While the embarrassment of her walking out of my son's bedroom in this pre-dawn hour as I stood naked, waiting for the shower, built into that laundry room, to warm swirled around us, I recalled that she had stooped by while I ate dinner last night,. Well, other than my manhood, which was once again erupting into herwaiting throat.Mother smiled and told me to clean up and come down for dinner in twentyminutes. As she left, she told Candy that she would be serving the familytonight. Candy helped put me back into my trousers before asking if shecould be excused so that she could get dressed for dinner.I said yes, but I stopped her just before she left the room. "Candy," Iasked, did you really used to be a man?" Candy lifted her skirt and.

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