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I gripped the mattress whilst my head and stomach spun. I was glad that they hadn’t let me eat anything — it probably would have ended up sprayed ...ver the floor and the physical therapist. She was an attractive brunette in her mid-thirties, but as with all rehabilitation professionals she ran a fine line between effective therapist and asexual sadist. Three hours after the whole thing began, I was standing upright with my feet on the ground for the first time since I had stepped up onto the. The Black phallis was around eight inches in length, and thicker than his dick by at least an inch in diameter. He knew that he had to start her "training", as he hoped they would some day call it, by being slow and cautious. Although he really wanted to see her enjoy the largest Black dildo he spotted at the porn shop, he didn't want to risk scaring her off if he pulled out a new sex toy the thickness of a beer can! He hoped that maybe someday he would be able to watch that. .” She batted her fake eyelashes at him. “You’re too much.” And with that, Katie swayed her hourglass figure right out the door leaving Jeremy and me alone in the lounge. “Oh, I think I just threw up a little,” I remarked as I saw him lean over to deliberately watch Katie’s pencil skirt leave.“Good morning to you too.” He rolled his eyes and poured himself a cup of coffee. “What’s the forecast? No, wait! Let me guess...” He paused before turning back and then smiled for dramatic effect. “Frigid. Usually she would have seen to it that we were both in bed before leaving, but since it was Friday evening she didn't insist on our going to bed as early. Less than ten minutes after she left the house, I looked through the back door and I saw Jack waiting in a dark corner of the backyard. I had to wait another fifteen minutes before I was able to let him into the house. I did this while Brenda was in the bathroom. He entered through the back door as we had planned, then I made him hide in.

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