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I do not like men and I have never had one. You are going to give my maidenhood to this barbarian?" Yes."It was his turn. "With all humility, your maj...sty, I don't think this is really a good idea. Your aunt is very attractive, but I don't even know if I could get into a condition to have sex with a woman who is so cold." There will be no arguments. You two will sleep together and you will have sex. You will make love until you are civil to each other. If you still bicker after that I will put. That would help, he hated to have to deal with a bunch of clothes, although the ones he had done with clothes, were even more cooperative as they saw the knife he used to cut their clothes off. One woman had even pissed herself as he cut her panties off, his cock grew as the image was relived. She had been a real beauty, the high school prom queen and he had made her deepthroat him and swallow all of his cum, even threatening to cut her nipples off if she had spilled any of his cum, his cock. She was the Captain, and could do as she pleased, but her encounter with Partheon had made it clear to her that her troops were beginning to ask questions. She didn't want to fuel their fire any more than she had to.Her own fire, however, was burning quite hot, and as she got far enough away from the camp that she didn't need to worry about any of the lookouts spotting her she broke into an almost frantic run, she was so eager to encounter the water nymph again.Before long she was back in the. She felt so good and he wanted to bury his cock in her and fuck her again and again. As he got half his cock in her she surprised him and lifted her hips to get him in deeper. She wanted the whole cock in her hole fucking her. He pushed in and soon had all ten inches in the young girl. He then began to fuck her. In and out he went fucking her hard and deep. At one time she yelled "Fuck me harder and faster. Your cock feels so good in my hole. Please fuck me harder." This really excited him and.

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