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What a quick learner you are my dear! I moaned. I am so wet right now, I want you to do the same to me. said Renee. She was already half undressed and...I never even noticed. In seconds she was naked. I could see her excitement and her heavy breathing as she exposed her sexy body. I asked, are you ok with this? If I wasnt I would not be so wet. As she stuck her fingers between her legs and lifted them up to show the juices dripping off her fingers. She then sucked what was left of her sweet. She rode the horse gingerly because her seat was much afflicted from the repeated pounding received from two inspired knights with spunk to spare in a nocturnal setting.Their rare stops along the way were met with devoted offerings from the common folk of food and liquid refreshment including the ale that Sir Roland drank like water consumed by normal folk. He never seemed to be tipsy no matter how much he consumed and she marveled at the way his fighting skills appeared to improve when he was. But then I "used" to be a guy. Ialso never wore the bra size of 52EE or very tight clothes that show offmy very slender very firm body with legs that go from here to Hell andback and an ass that men would love to fuck forever. My hair was blacknot blonde, my eyes were hazel not a piercing pale blue and I was prettyintelligent now I'm dingy as hell only thinking of how to pleasuremen/women with my body. I'm writing this because my Mistress ordered me to, and she gets whatevershe wants, or she. . "If he knew, thenwhy did he promote mom? I mean..." Because, when he asked her about it on Monday, she told him how youcame to be wearing dresses, and also, why you cannot simply quit. Hetold me that your mother said that you are as complete a girl as aboy can get, and you even have periods, just like we do! Now, thereare very few boys that would go as far as you have for their mothers,no matter how much they loved her! Our guess is that you found outthat you like being a girl. Otherwise you.

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