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You use the short slasher don't you? Thought so. See how much thicker this is than a regular knife? How the edges aren't really dull, just a really wi...e bevel? It won't cut you like the edge of a knife or sword but if he hits you with it hard enough it'll open you up, acts more like a mace than a knife. Then of course there's the point which can drive through anything except maybe plate steel." Dangerous?" Fucking deadly, bucko. I went up against a group from Salas a few contracts ago and let. Because of high rush for the festivals I managed to get a seat in a non-volvo but AC luxury bus. I entered the Bus and found that my seat was in the last row and the journey was troublesome. But as said all good and bad things come to an end. But this journey came to an unexpected end. Bus broke in the mid-way just after crossing Vapi. And all the passengers came down howling and shouting. There were few who were composed.And I was feeling horribly frustrated. I lit my cigarette and called up. They would do anything to have their holes filled.And they were never happier.HoneyCunt - the former Willow - wore tight black, shiny, shorts that seemed etched on her round, sweet ass. Her tits were hardly covered by a bikini top of the same satin. Anni, on the other hand, wore a white mini dress. Although it covered more skin than HoneyCunt's outfit, it wasn't by much.In a perverse way, the two looked like twin sisters.Master X walked over to some of the Wolfram and Hart visitors. He. He threw off his clothes. Within 20 seconds he had firmly, but not roughly parted her legs, within another 20 seconds his erection was deep in her vagina and it only took 20 seconds thrusting before he came.“Definitely a little tuition needed here,” thought Hayley stroking his hair. “Perhaps even more than a little.” She wasn't upset. She had cleansed her mind of her marriage vows. She hadn't thought about Geoff since she had asked Danny if he liked her legs. She was pleased with her choice of.

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