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In which I did! He asked me what I liked to do and I said I like to service a nice cock and get fucked as well. He said that is good to here and he wa... in need of release BIGTIME!I said to him it was first time here and it looks like there is a lot of people driving through and riding bikes. He said I have a good spot down this trail and pretty deep in the woods where it is safe to play. So I got out and we started walking back towards what looked to be some kind of a maintenance bldg. we. So everything was right now. We were in the A/c room.We were relaxing and talking for some time and making fun of each other and laughing a lot. It was 12 midnight now. So we decided to sleep as my wife was feeling sleepy. The cloths which we were wearing were completely party wear we cannot sleep in those cloths. When i went to bathroom my wife had removed her saree and she was sleeping in the middle of the bed by covering her with the blanket she was in her blouse and petticoat only. Jiya had. Madhu's erection has gone cold long ago. Now the only sensation she wasexperiencing was pain. Rekha caned Madhu for ten more strokes before shestopped. Madhu was sobbing behind her gag. Rekha pulled at Madhu's haircausing her to bend her neck backwards."Now for the final part of punishment. You will have no free release. Iwill milk you now, right inside your cage. Your next release will be afteryou have apologized and corrected your behavior," Rekha whisperedmenacingly into Madhu's. Lessa quickly went up to the bars dividing the building in half while Irene searched for the keys. A little filthy blond girl ran up to the iron door, eyes alight."Did my Daddy send you?!? Is Daddy with you!?!" A teen girl grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her back, watching Lessa with wary, tired eyes. She shushed the excited girl, then spoke."Who are you?" Rescuers who are really pressed for time. Questions later." Irene came back with the key, the kids stepping away from the bars in.

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