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So our parents decided to leave both of us in my house. At 7 pm our parents left us alone in my house. She was busy watching TV in hall and I was watc...ing porn on my computer in bedroom. My desktop was placed such that I cant see who is on the bedrooms door. At around 7:30 pm I was maturating seeing porn. That time I felt that someone is on the door. I doubtfully looked back and saw Deepa staring at the monitor. I quickly closed that video and fearfully asked her what she wants.She replied that. What motivates them? What pushes their buttons." Psychology." I've checked college curricula. They emphasize abnormal psychology. The neurotics, psychotics, and schizophrenics. I am more interested normal people. How they think, and how to manipulate them. Like a police interrogator, but more subtle." Your interests mesh very well with what I have to offer. We spend quite a bit of time interrogating hostile people, trying to extract information, often without them realizing they were being. M’s huge desk dominated the office. She wondered why M needed such a big desk, when all that was on it was an ink blotter, a stand holding a gold pen, and a telephone. She wondered if a big desk, like a big gun, was a macho spy’s way of compensating for certain, um, physical inadequacies. M was definitely from the old school. Not only did he not have a desktop computer, like practically everyone else at the agency, but his telephone was still the old plain, black rotary-dial type. No modern. She laughed and opened her coat. She was wearing stockings and high heels and a Basque with the bra cups removed.“I go flashing darling. I come here all the time because it turns me on so much.She was still standing outside the car and just put her hands on her hips holding her coat open. She asked me if I liked what I saw. She was plump with large boobs, a bit of a belly and nice ass with nice well built legs. She was chubby but sexy as hell.................................... I said she was.

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